Performance ca. 40 min. 
Developed and performed in collaboration with: Kai Merke, Paolo Gile, Phyllis Akynyi & Julienne Doko. 

Flowers wither, fruit rot and glass break. Nothing is forever. The title ‘VANITAS’ refers to baroque still life paintings where the things around us are staged to symbolize both impermanence and vanity. The performance ‘VANITAS’ will take you into a dark and dreamy world of queer bodies and symbols ruled by change. Here you will meet the precariousness of finding intimacy and meaning in a landscapes of reflecting surfaces.

‘VANITAS’ is performed by 4 professional dancers, from different disciplines, representing a group of people who are in a place of change. They're headed somewhere, yet they struggle to find their way. They’re so easily distracted by looking at themselves and each other, eager to find their destination and yet so afraid to arrive.