by Jules Fischer

Performed by 18 friends, lovers, colleagues and strangers.

In 1968, American dancer and filmmaker, Yvonne Rainer choreographed the evening length performance; “The mind is a muscle”. The work- and task-like character of the piece, made up of everyday movements, rejected the spectacle of modern dance as well as the concept of “work” common in post-war America.
Today precariousness and the need for never-ending growth are predominant, demanding a new discourse about work, leisure, and happiness. While protests of social and cultural movements of the 60's have been perverted and turned into management and marketing strategies, the pursuit of happiness has created a sea of depression and anxiety. The border between the private and professional is blurred by a drive for constant mobilization. The ingrained wish to make-something-of-yourself is continuously distorting and occupying identity creation, making it the norm to aim for a deviant lifestyle while still being successful.

The show “Willingly and Happily”, is an attempt to investigate this contemporary situation, in three parts.

One; The performance – Willingly and Happily: We Shall Run –  held on Friday March 15th 5-8pm.

No one can stop moving
Moving is defined by moving the entire body from a to b
The pace and intensity is to be regulated by each individual The group is responsible for eliminating spectators, everybody must follow the instructions
Speech is only allowed when using a predefined recommended vocabulary

These simple instructions are conducted improvisationally by 18 performers for exactly three hours. Centered around the idea of exhaustion, this meaningless game allows no breaks and offers only one way of maintaining the right to stand still: leaving the gallery.

Two; As preparation for “Willingly and Happily – We Shall Run”, a publication under the title “Willingly and Happily – Building a success” has been put together in the weeks before the opening. It consists of a collection of small writings and image work gathered from a variety of friends and colleagues. The aim is to seek out another way of discussing and defining the criteria of success, as well as to share personal experiences with the visible or invisible systems that affect one's life.

Three; “Willingly and Happily – Building a Success”” is released on Monday the 18 th of March with a reception from 9-17 (closed between 12-13), mimicking the hours of the classic workday. However this day will offer a possibility to step out for a moment, to exit the everyday game for just one day.