Jules Fischer


by Jules Fischer and Anna Moderato

Duration: 7 min.

Performed by: Lydia Östberg Diakité, Dina Friemut, Moa Alskog, Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Emilie Gregerse, Emily Carlén, Karin Bergman, Jules Fischer and Anna Moderato

Location: Dansehallerne

Info: CHORUS is a compilation of found everyday speech performed as a talking choir. CHORUS refers to the Greek chorus, which functions as a commentary to a play and guides the audience’s interpretations and reactions to what is happening on stage. The title also refers to the refrain of a song, that is repeated again and again; often so catchy that it sticks in your mind until you find yourself humming it at random. The piece deals with both explicit commentary on and directions for how to behave, and the internalized, less obvious, alterations it causes in how we think of “our-selves”. This recomposing of excess movement and in-between utterances is an investigating of the minimal and almost invisible social gestures that, despite their subtleness, quite violently form our collective and individual identity.

Jules Fischer
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