Jules Fischer


My practice is centered around large-scale performances. I create immersive experiences through different media, but always involving a multitude of perspectives, senses and bodies. I’m interested in basic feelings such as love, loneliness and grief, but always from an ambivalent and queer perspective. Community or how we find each other, what images we create and recognize, what bodies are allowed what actions are some of the questions that drives my practice. I like to play with leveling or reversing hierachies and power structures in all aspects of a piece as well as working in many different collaborations.

Jules Fischer is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2017 and has also studied Dance and Choreography at The National School of Performing Arts as well as in Art and Social Practice in Portland State University.
Fischer has in collaborations with professional dancers and performers shown works at various art galleries and institutions, such as Glyptoteket, SMK and Arken. In 2024 they will have their first solo-show outside Denmark at UKS in Oslo. They have been chosen as part of the program “The young artistic elite 2022-23” and in 2023 received a 3 years work grant from The Danish Arts Foundation.

Jules Fischer
Inquiries: teamsupertender@gmail.com