Jules Fischer

Have i gul, rød, blå og lilla (garden in yellow, red, blue and purple)

by Jules Fischer and Anna Moderato

Duration: 20 min.

Materials: Concrete, steel, pigment. 16 x 16,8 m.

Performed by: Ani Bigum Kampe, Bess Barkhol, Aia Sofia Coverly Tura, Sebastian Kahr Rasmussen, Mattias Agersko, David Kummer, Marlene Bonnesen, Sofie Kondrup, Hazel Dowling and Anna Moderato

Info: Public sculpture and performance made for Egebjerg Bueplads in Ballerup.The coloured concrete tiles form a strict pattern based on the existing architecture and surroundings. It takes inspiration from islamic garden design in an attempt to reflect the diversity of the neighbourhood and to acknowledge the wish of the inhabitants to have a garden in the open space outside their homes. The performance takes as it’s departure the water that is a vital part of an islamic garden and it consist of four parts; the main part being a song “Du hav, du dråbe” written for the occasion and performed as a canon by eight performers walking in a set pattern and at a set pace around the concrete squares. Two performers walk back and forth with their eyes closed in the centre cross, walking slowly to feel the presence of the others in order to avoid bumping into them. A single person stands in the middle forming the fixed centre point. Lastly there is a performer following a path of their own choice and at their own pace moving in between the other performers.

Du hav du dråbe, må jeg tro du er. Tårnsøen, Ganges. Mangefoldet.
Du som er mange, skvulpende masse. Frys, dunsta, fald. Grænseløst land

Photos: William Andreas Wivel, Anna Moderato and Jules Fischer

Jules Fischer
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