Jules Fischer


by Jules Fischer & Anna Moderato

Made in collaboration with and performed by: Rebecka Berchtold, Emilie Gregersen, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Karin Bergman, Isolde Daun, Meleat Frederikso, Olivia Riviere, Ingvild Bertelsen and Emilia Gasiorek

Location: Skovsnogen Deep Forest Art Space 

Info: From the edge of the forest eight performers walk to a clearing carrying portable loudspeakers playing a recording of the song ”JEG ER INGEN”. The song was performed by a non-professional senior choir. When they arrive they instal lights and speakers and perform a flocking choreography based on material extracted from videos; of protests, heavy metal concerts, football supporters, police and military marches, team building exercises, synchronised swimming and everyday excess movements. As the performance unfolds the sun is setting and it is getting gradually darker, the song starts again and the audience are invited to join the parade. Audience and performers walk back through the forrest together. The piece deals with collective identity creation, the body language of the group, the ways we find a home and belonging in each other. JEG ER INGEN polemize both the beauty and the potential violence that exist within the need for community.

Jules Fischer
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