Jules Fischer


20 min.

In a room smelling like a faint memory of something beautiful the three performers struggle with their equal despise and desire for individualism, power, loneliness and being loved. Words are all over them. How to build one self? How to maintain opacity and yet find the intimacy of being part of something good? They are dressed in pieces of fabric with slogans and statements combined into perfect collages of residue. An overflow of thought and capitalism, once t-shirts, then rags for cleaning pipes in oil engines, now a garment that seems to tell us more accurately who we are, than we could have imagined.

Ichor is an ethereal fluid that makes up the blood of the gods and is toxic to humans. In pathology the word was previously a term for the foul-smelling, watery fluid from a wound.

Performance & sound design: Jules Fischer
Costumes and props: Puer Parasitus
Scent design: Lisbeth Jacobsen/odor&fumes
Visual elements: Anna Ørberg
Performers: Escarleth Poza, Ingeborg Meier &
Snorre Elvin
Voice: Susanne Sachsse

Jules Fischer
Inquiries: teamsupertender@gmail.com