Jules Fischer


by Jules Fischer

Duration: 20 min.

Performed by: Karis Zidore, Olivia Rivere and
Sebastian Kahr Rasmussen

Info: We are suspended between the hope of an encounter, the need for intimacy, the excitement of the novelty, the violence of letting go and the anxiety of being known. Somewhere on a dance floor, in an apartment that is not yours, on the streets, in the movies and all the love songs. This performance is about romance, it is about romanticism, it is about being both the imitation and the imitated. It is a about being damaged. Being the one who contaminates. Being pure. Pollution.

Sound resampled from: Blade II techno theme, Shigeru Umebayashi: “Yumeji's Theme” (Wong Kar Wai - In The Mood For Love) , Whitney Houston: “I Will Always Love You”, Pink Floyd: “Is There Anybody Out There” (Caspar Noë - Love), Lana Del Rey: “Blue Jeans” & “Ultraviolence”, M.I.A: “Borders”, Silvia Iman: “Helt fucked”, W.I.T.: “Hold Me Touch Me”, Alicia keys: “Fallin”, Chromatics: “I Want Your Love”, Tami T: “I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before”

Jules Fischer
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