Jules Fischer


by Jules Fischer and Anna Moderato

30 min.

Performed by: aprox. 30 members of the audience

Info: Um..ok is an improvised choir of small choreographed movements, speech and conversations found amongst the audience at the venue in the hours before the performance. Members of the audience were approached and asked to take part in the piece and then instructed in how to perform their particular task. The performance was not announced and it revealed itself slowly, starting as a hardly distinguishable murmur and then slowly growing in intensity until the whole space had turned into a cacophony of looped speech, movements and conversations. The piece seeks to subtly comment on the choreography of such a social situation, to provoke a second of productive doubt with the viewer and potentially prolong the time spend on decoding the common construction; normality.

Jules Fischer
Inquiries: teamsupertender@gmail.com