Jules Fischer

VANITAS (film)

Video installation based of the performance VANITAS
13 min.

Info: Flowers wither, fruit rot and glass break. Nothing is forever. The title VANITAS refers to baroque still life paintings where the things around us are staged to symbolize both impermanence and vanity. The performance VANITAS will take you into a dark and dreamy world of queer bodies and symbols ruled by change. Here you will meet the precariousness of finding intimacy and meaning in a landscapes dictated by binaries.

VANITAS is performed by professional dancers, performers and singers to a poetic sound collage of popmusic. The performance is filled with ambivalence and everything is in a constant state of transformation.

This performance is a tribute to queer and trans communities everywhere and to those who most be in flux to be whole.

Jules Fischer
Inquiries: teamsupertender@gmail.com