Jules Fischer

by Jules Fischer & Anna Moderato

Made and performed in collaboration with:
Isolde Daun, Nanna Stigsdatte, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Emilie Gregersen, Karin Bergman, Olivia Riviere, Mattias Agerskov.

Zombiehand was performed at Tranen, a gallery space situated within a public library in Hellerup, Denmark. The performance is without a central perspective and takes place in a revolving door, in the cafe, on the balcony, in the elevator, in the staircase and in the main exhibition space. It consists of a set of short choreographies, scores, tasks, a conversation, a talking choir and pop-music excerpts that loop in different constellations. All material is found in our day to day life, the surrounding library, youtube videos, TV, radio, on the bus or on the streets. According to an inner logic the performance unfolds in a new way each time it is played and the audience is the editor. ZOMBIEHÅND is a display of detachment, broken relations, broken hearts and loneliness. The gestures, speech, walks, conversations insinuate communication but instead highlight distance and otherness. The title refers to a condition where the hands are not able to operate touch screens.

Jules Fischer
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